Add/Edit Breakpoint dialog

This dialogue allows you to add and edit HTTP breakpoints.

A breakpoint is defined by the following fields:

  • Location - where the String is checked in the HTTP message: URL, Request Header, Request Body, Response Header, or Response Body.
  • Match - how the String is interpreted, Regex or Contains, for regular expression or exact match, respectively, in the Location. The regular expression does not need to match the whole content of the Location.
  • String - the string that triggers the breakpoint.
  • Inverse - if the result of the Match should be the inverse.
  • Ignore case - if the case of the String should be ignored.

If you proxy a HTTP message that matches a breakpoint then ZAP will intercept it and allow you to change either the request or the response.

Note: ZAP will warn and prevent adding breakpoints with a fragment identifier component (#), if the breakpoint has match Contains and location URL. Such breakpoint would not work because the fragment identifier is not sent to the server.

Accessed via

History tab ‘Break…’ right click menu item
Sites tab ‘Break…’ right click menu item

See also

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