Command Line

Quick Start add-on supports the following command line options:

-quickurl Specifies the URL of the target application that will be attacked.
-quickout Specifies the file to write the report to. The report format will depend on the file extension - supported file extensions are .html , .json , .md , .xml . If none of these extensions are used then the format will be XML. If not set in ‘inline’ and daemon modes the report is written to default output stream.
-quickprogress Show ascii progress bars, if started with the -cmd flag.
-zapit Perform a quick ‘ZAPit’ ‘reconnaissance’ scan of URL specified, the -cmd flag must also be set.


  • Start ZAP in ‘inline’ mode with ascii progress bars, attack the target application and write the report to default output stream:

    -cmd -quickurl -quickprogress
  • Start ZAP with UI, attack the target application and save the report to a file:

    -quickurl -quickout /path/to/report.xml

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